ClotIt VET

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ClotIt VET - Stop Bleeding Fast

Now available in sterile, single-dose applications for use in the OR. 

ClotIt VET is a sterile, single-dose application of ClotIt blood clotting powder - the latest addition to the ClotIt family of products for use at home, in the office and now in the OR. 

Recommended and tested by veterinarians for use with hematomas, bleeding tumors, dental procedures, and soft palate surgery.

  • All-natural white powder
  • Non-staining
  • Works quickly on minor-to-severe wounds
  • Triple-action process results in complete clotting in seconds

When a pet is hurt, or needing surgery, respond quickly with ClotIt. 

Soft Palate

Surgical Case Example:

Conducted by: Dr. Carlos Campos Voted "America's Favorite Veterinarian" 2013

ClotIt VET applied during a soft palate laser surgery stopped bleeding within 45 seconds and complete hemostasis was achieved.

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