ClotIt VET is a sterile, single-dose application of ClotIt blood-stopping powder. ClotIt VET is recommended and tested by veterinarians for use with hematoma, bleeding tumors, dental procedures, and soft palate surgery. ClotIt VET utilizes Protege Biomedical's Patented IHM Technology by using all-natural minerals to work with the body's natural clotting process, and stops bleeding faster than any other product on the market. 

New Veterinarian Distributor: We are proud to announce a new distribution partnership with VEDCO. VEDCO offers a full line of affordable product solutions for today's veterinary clinical through a network of 51 distributor locations nationwide.

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Clinic Case Review: Treatment of a Lacerated Artery Emergency Bleeding 

Summary of In-vivo Safety and Efficacy: Protege Biomedical Hemostasis Technology

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Full Comparison Report: Complete ClotIt VET Comparison Study

Total Clinic Approach

ClotIt is the most comprehensive, effective, and versatile brand of hemostatic products to be used in the Veterinary Clinic. The ClotIt Total Clinic Approach presents this hemostasis platform in three different segments: internal surgical (sterile) products, professional in-clinic (non-sterile) use, and affordable take-home (non-sterile) Animal Medical Kits (AMK) for your clients. Total Clinic Approach utilities ClotIt VET in the clinic and offer your customers a co-branded ClotIt Emergency Kit for home, helping your customers be prepared for emergencies, while reminding them to come back to your clinic for follow-up care. Animal Medical Kits allow you to co-brand your clinic, these kits contain basic wound care treatment, including a saline wash, antiseptic pads, gauze, tape, and ClotIt blood-stopping powder. Provide them with peace of mind that they can stop a life-threatening wound at home, allowing for safe transport back to you, their vet, for care. 

ClotIt VET Total Clinic Approach: Comprehensive and Affordable Hemostasis Platform

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